Diving into our inner Ocean

Align yourselves in your center through different energy awareness modalities, 

yoga, breathwork and perceptual tools.

We warmly invite you into diving in your unique inner ocean

A transformative immersion, based on different techniques to unlock hidden potential, release emotional trauma, remove energetic blocks and stimulate the kundalini energy. We welcome those who want to dive deeper into a sustainable healing process, giving space to a more authentic and centered version of themselves.

We are often attached to our past and stories. As we continue to repetitively use our traumatic survival mechanism in life. You have a choice to become aware of your (survival) mechanisms and for some of us there comes a time in life when we feel ready to evolve, by letting go of the past and integrating our experiences as adults. Peeling away the layers of limiting conditioning and discovering the potential of our true essence. So that we may open into truth and liberation to bring awareness and exploration of who we deeply are underneath the veil.

During the immersion we will dive into the world of Kundalini yoga, Energy transmissions (KAP- Kundalini Activation Process), the fascinating and profound experience of Breathwork for emotional release and at last process guided work and perceptual tools. 

All these tools combined create a complete and effective opportunity to transform your life, integrate past traumas and emotional wounds, release stress and evolve as an human being. Creating a new, healthier and more authentic relationship with ourselves and the beauty of life. 

Typical daily program

  • Morning yoga, movement or mindful walking
  • Healthy breakfast
  • First group session
  • Delicious lunch
  • Second group session
  • Free time / integration time
  • Heartwarming dinner
  • Free time / integration time
  • Soundbath, meditation, or deep relaxation
  • Restful sleep

To welcome you, we have a special early-bird price untill February 15th!

Diving in our inner Ocean is whole heartedly facilitated by Susana D.S. Tavares and Florine Gabriël. 

Susana de Sousa Tavares is certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in London in 2017, under the guidance of Gurmukh Khalsa. She facilitates Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes (online and in presence) and gong baths. For several years she also practiced circular breathing techniques and developed perception tools under the guidance of Michael Brown and in 2022 she completed an intensive training course as a facilitator of somatic Breathwork for emotional release, under the guidance of Tim Morrison. Susana love to organizes workshops and retreats. At last, she is fluent in Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish. For more details visit the website: www.susanadesousatavares.net

Florine Gabriel has completed an intensive training course as a facilitator of somatic Breathwork for emotional release and somatic healing, under the guidance of Tim Morrison in 2022 and has done multiple studies in ThetaHealing (Game of Life and Intuitive Anatomy etc.) since 2021. She is an accredited KAP- Kundalini Activation Process facilitator and has directly trained with the transmission vehicle Venant Wong (founder of KAP). Through her embodiment, she is able to transmit a unique KAP frequency, which has transformed into a heart-centered transmission over the years. She has studied with Pi Villaraza of Inner Dance energy school in the Phillipines in 2020 and with Elliott Saxby in 2021 of the Kundalini Bodywork school in Switzerland. She is a Wataflow (water therapy) facilitator since 2018, trained by Oceano and an Embodied Flow Yoga teacher since 2018. Florine love’s to work with groups and to organizes workshops and retreats. At last, she is fluent in Dutch and English. For more details visit the website: www.florinegabriel.com 

Do you feel the resonance and would you like to know more about this wonderful upcoming immersion? Feel free to reach out and visit the website, fill in the informational form ***********, or write directly to *********

Let’s celebrate the wisdom in our inner ocean, together!

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